Nutrients for Skin...Because Your Skin Also Needs To Be Nourish

What are the best vitamins for skin, the best nutrients for skin? I'm sure you'll agree with me on this, nutrition for healthy skin is the key isn't it? Lack of vitamins can have an impact on your skin and many skin problems can be prevented and treated by taking the proper vitamins.

Nutrients For Skin; Vitamins That Will Have A Direct Impact On Your Appearance

  • Vitamin A: Maintains your skin health. Repairs tissue. Helps to reduce sebum production. Can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Can treat acne. You can also apply a vitamin A compound called retinoid directly to the skin
  • Vitamins B complex: Helps to maintain your skin tone. Nutrients that form your nails, hair and skin. Helps to maintain moisture. Has anti-inflammatory properties which help if you have dry skin, irritated skin or acne
  • Vitamin C: Helps with the production of collagen that keeps your skin firm. Highly protective against sun damage. Reduces damage caused by free radicals and can prevent skin cancer. Helps in the wound healing process

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  • Vitamin E: Highly protective against sun damage. Vitamin E safeguards cell membranes and reduces damage caused by free radicals. Known to soothe dry and damage skin. Topically, vitamin E improves moisturization, smoothness and softness of your skin
  • Vitamin K: Applying vitamin K locally will help to reduce bruises
  • Selenium: Mineral that protects your skin against skin damage. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to maintain a firmer skin and reduces fine lines
  • Silica: Mineral that helps you to have a beautiful skin, hair and nails. Takes part in the synthese of collagen. It regenerates your skin and improves your skin elasticity
  • Zinc: Mineral that is good to fight acne (acne can be a sigh of zinc deficiency). Zinc reduces the inflammation

In conclusion, nutrients and vitamins for healthy skin can make a world difference in the appearance of your skin and can help you get a healthy and glowing skin!

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