Insomnia Tips To Avoid Staring
At The Ceiling All Night!!

One of the causes of extreme fatigue is unquestionably insomnia. Knowing what is insomnia, some facts about insomnia, some insomnia tips such as what to choose between herbs for sleep or over the counter sleep aids will help you sleep better.

insomnia tips

Many people fear insomnia and it's quite normal. Maybe you are one of those...I am!

Two Major Facts About Insomnia Are:

    1-Insomnia indicates that something is wrong

    2-Insomnia is a symptom, NOT a disease

However, lack of sleep weakens the body and makes it more vulnerable to diseases, mood changes, increases anxiety, depression and affects the nervous system's ability to manage stress.

What Is "Exactly" Insomnia?

Difficulty falling asleep or getting enough sleep, frequent awakening or waking up very very early in the morning.

insomnia tips

There Are 2 Types Of Insomnia

    1-Subjective insomnia which is when you think you took too much time to fall asleep or you think you haven't sleeped at all. Often it's a misperception. For example, it can take 20 to 30 minutes before falling asleep. The impression that falling asleep has taking more time is because you hope that sleep will come instantaneously....that's it

    2-Real insomnia are classified according to their duration

Real Insomnia, The One That Scares You, Is Divided Into 3 Categories

    1-Short term insomnia is common. You should not worry about it!

    Duration is from 1 to a few nights. It is often easy to find its cause; financial worries, pregnancy, problems with a child, too much light or noise, being cold or hot, when you don't sleep at home, if you had a coffee in the evening, if you ate too much for dinner.

    Short term insomnia is normal once in a while.

    2-Transcent insomnia lasts longer.

    Duration is from a few weeks to a few months and stress is the main cause. By stress I mean "bad stress" such as separation, job loss, loss of a loved one and "good stress" such as a new job, planning a trip..etc..

    Ideas jostling in your head at bedtime and can keep you awake for several hours.

    3-Chronic insomnia lasts much longer.

    Duration is from a few months to several years and this is not fun!

    The causes are more difficult to determine and often there are many....some examples: frequent desire to urinate, pain, restless legs, hormonal changes(pregnancy, menopause), poor diet, depression, sleep apnea, lack of exercise, being too stressed or anxious when ready to go to bed(don't allow yourself to relax), be awakened night after night by a baby or toddlers, irregular work schedule, night shift....

Here Are Others Facts Followed By Some Insomnia Tips

  • The first insomnia tips I can give you is this one:Don't be too concerned about your sleep, saying that you're sure you'll not sleep well tonight can also cause insomnia
  • It is important to remember that sleep is a natural ability which tends to decrease with age
  • 9 times out of 10, insomnia is due to digestive problems
  • Studies have demonstrated that those who exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes/day fall asleep more easily and sleep longer
  • Over the counter sleep aids or sleeping pills can help you for a short period of time, but such as other drugs, they can cause side effects and you can become addicted
  • Drugs that contain stimulants such as amphatamines, beta-blockers, cortisone or decongestants and bronchodilators may disrupt sleep

Here Are Some Insomnia Tips

  • To sleep well, your room's temperature should be around 18 degres(or 66)
  • Sleep on a good mattress and in the dark
  • Quiet activities at night such as yoga, meditation, reading a book or magazine, a warm bath will help you to relax. Working on your computer, watching a violent movie or TV news aren't in the category of quiet activities
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can facilitate sleep. However, gradually as the body metabolizes alcohol, sleep becomes fragmented and of low quality
  • Don't stay in bed more than 30 minutes if you're awakened. Get up...there is nothing worst than turning endlessly in bed and staring at the ceiling!
  • Exercise during the day so your "muscles" will be tired. ((Too many physical efforts before going to bed will not help you to fall asleep because of the "awakening hormones"(adrenaline and cortisol) which are secreted when you exercise))
  • Have a healthy weight
  • Avoid excessive consumption of stimulants during the day or before bedtime (coffee, tea, energy drink, cola...)
  • Try some foods that help you sleep
  • Your smaller meal (and easy to digest!) meal of the day should be dinner
  • Place your alarm clock out of your sight

insomnia tips

A Few More Insomnia Tips

  • Avoid long daytime nap. 20 minutes is enough
  • It's easy to think when you go to bed at night that everything is going wrong in your life and often to expand the list!!! To stop these negative thoughts, you should have positive thoughts about...your wonderful family, holiday memories, how grateful you are for all the beautiful things around you...just be positive
  • A bedtime ritual, (yes, yes, it is not only good for your children) will slow mental activities. It is important to induce sleep. Repetition of your own bedtime ritual will help your brain to recognize that sleep will soon settle
  • A good quality melatonin pill (no animal product please...hence the importance of knowing all the melatonin facts)can help restore your sleep me to get more info
  • Ask for a relaxing massage!

And Finally Some More Natural Tips

  • Some essential oils (basil, lavender, chamomile, tea tree..)can have a gentle sedative effect. For example, put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. You can also use an oil burner
  • Try some herbs for sleep. Herbal teas such as passiflora, melissa, valerian (helps to ease nervous tension), chamomile, lime blossom, lavender will help you to relax
  • Have you heard of "color therapy"? Violet is the color to cure insomnia. Sleep on a violet pillowcase, close your eyes and just imagine the cost nothing to try!

Insomnia, not sleeping well is not pleasant at all. I hope you will find some insomnia tips to help you sleep better.

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