Healthy Eating : How To Become A Vegetarian?

How to become a vegetarian? Good question...Have you ever wondered....

Many questions to answer isn't it?

Don't worry, it seems more complicated than it is for real... with the help of the vegetarian food pyramid, some basic rules you will be ready to cook some yummy and healthy vegetarian recipes!! Learning how to cook tofu and how to use it is simple.

Whether for reasons of health concerns, animal rights issues, environmental reasons or religious restrictions, more and more people choose a vegetarian lifestyle.

how to become a vegetarian

It is not because the diet doesn't include animal foods that it's gonna be boring and tasteless....

how to become a vegetarian

Actually it is quite the opposite!!! Given the abundance of fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts of all kinds, the large selection of cereals, pasta and lentils, it is possible to make vegetarian recipes full of flavor! And depending on the type of vegetarianism that you want to adopt, you may also add some low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry, seafood in some cases.

When "meat lovers" think about vegetarianism, they think about Tofu and for them Tofu = Tasteless. Marinated and well prepared tofu is delicious.

Soy is the main source of protein for a vegetarian diet but not the only one.

Need Some Tips On How To Become A Vegetarian?

Well I would make small changes to my diet one at the time, follow the pyramid for vegetarian, cook at home a little more and I would make sure I get all the vitamins needed for the proper functioning of my body.

There are many benefits to adopting a vegetarian diet...

how to become a vegetarian

But it is not going to be always easy because your friends and family will ask questions, if you are a "meat lover" you'll be tempted, restaurants may have less vegetarian meal choices etc...but with a little knowledge of the vegetarian nutrition you can do it!

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