Healthy Lunch Food...
For A Better Learning!

Healthy lunch food for your kids or teenagers is important. They should get about 30% of the nutritional needs at lunch time so healthy packed lunches are essential.

I must be honest...preparing school lunches is not what I like the most. But I know healthy lunch food is important. Packing a nutritious lunch can also be a challenge.

At school your kid is active. Healthy lunch and healthy snack help him to get all the nutrients required so he can learn and stay concentrate all day long.

At lunch time, your child can choose what to eat or not. He can eat what you packed for him (...with lots of love of course!) or come back home with a half full school lunch box!

This is why it's important, for this particular meal, to give your child what he likes to eat...and that doesn't mean it has to be boring. If he likes chicken sandwich that's original...use tortillas, pita bread, whatever your kid likes. Variety is important.

healthy lunch food

Healthy Lunch Food Tips And Lunch Box Ideas

  • Let them make some food choices. They'll feel like grown-up
  • Respect their appetite
  • Make muffins, cookies, banana bread together on week-end. He will enjoy eating these as dessert on weekday and will be proud to tell his friends he made them with mom or dad
  • A toothpick can be a fun accessory to take pieces of cheese, ham, strawberries...
  • Use fun and colorful reusable containers

Tips To Help The Parents

  • Choose healthy food from all food groups
  • Lunch time must provide about 30% of the nutritional needs of a day
  • Avoid sweet desserts, candies, lunch time
  • Avoid fruit drinks, soft drinks. 100% fruit juice or water is better
  • Limit the consumption of processed food
  • Use chicken, ham, canned tuna for sandwiches. Avoid bologna and others...they contain too much sodium
  • Use whole grain products
  • Leftover can be a healthy meal the next day. Use thermos
  • Wash lunch box every day
  • Too much sugar at lunch time = a tired child in the afternoon

Planning, Planning, Planning...

  • Morning is a busy time of the day. Prepare your kid's lunch (and yours) while cooking dinner. That is what I do...I'm in the kitchen anyway!
  • Wash and prepare veggies in advance...time saver...

A healthy school lunch can make a big difference in your child's ability to learn...think about it when preparing his school lunch.

"Have a Great Idea About What To Give To Your Child For Lunch At School?"

Back to school also means having to pack a lunch 5 days a week. Healthy lunch food for your kids or teenagers is so important. Tell us what you put in his lunch box..

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