What Should You Know About Healthy Food for Toddlers...?

Introduce healthy food for toddlers right at the beginning to avoid many conflicts later....healthy eating habits for kids begin at an early age!

Your toddler is a unique human being. During this busy stage of life your child will learn to walk, to talk, to socialize. These are great achievements in a short time!

To give the right food to your child will contribute to his well being, will help him grow up healthy and develop healthy eating habits.

When your kid start walking and moving around he might eat less...he's more interested in things around him and less interested in eating...it's normal.

The requirements for nutrients and energy are high but his appetite is small.That's why your toddler needs to snack throughout the day. He should eat every 2 to 3 hours.

healthy food for toddlers

Here Are Some Healthy Food Snacks For Toddlers

  • Dairy products (cheese, frozen yogurt, chocolate milk)
  • Dry unsweetened (whole grains) cereal and dried fruits
  • Soft tofu pudding
  • Smoothie..just blend milk, vanilla yougurt and fruits
  • Fruits and veggies...he'll develop a taste for them if introduce while he's young...the sooner the better...
  • Crackers and cheese
  • 100% fruit juice (cut with water) **limit your kid's intake of juice**
  • ...

Give fun and colorful healthy food for toddlers. Meal and snack times will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Facts That Will Help You Feed Your Little One

  • A food refused today may be eaten tomorrow so don't give up...keep offering
  • Introduce new food on a regular basis
  • You're the boss. You decide what and when food is served but your toddler knows better than anyone how much food he needs. Many children eat only one good meal a day
  • Serve small portions. His stomach is big like his fist..one serving = one tablespoon per year of age
  • Don't use food as a punishment or a reward
  • Toddlers are messy. This is part of learning. Be patient
  • Avoid foods that can be chocking hazards (round size and about the size of a nickel) such as: baby carotts (grated carotts are a better choice), popcorn, sausages, big pieces of raw vegetables, meat, chips, peanuts, gum, candies, grapes..
  • Between 2 and 3 years old your child can have a low cholesterol, low fat diet like adult. Before 2 he needs the fat in whole milk for growth and development

Because muscles, bones, teeth are developping, your child needs more nutrients. By having a balanced diet which means to choose food from each of the food groups, will help meet the nutritional requirements.

Healthy food for toddlers that include vitamin A, C, D, calcium, iron and zinc are particularly important for a growing child.

Tips To Help You Choose Healthy Food For Toddlers To Meet The Nutritional Requirements

  • Your toddler needs 1000 to 1200 calories per day. Most of the calories should come from carbohydrates and the rest from fats and proteins. Serve protein at every meal and snack

healthy food for toddlers

  • Vitamin A: Essential for your toddler's vision, for a healthy skin and hair. Good for the immune system. Found in yellow/orange fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, spinach, dark green leafy vegetables..

  • Vitamin C: Antioxydant. Good for the immune system. Essential for the good absorption of iron. Found in citrus fruits, tomato, brocoli, avocado, banana, strawberries,..Vitamin C intake should be around 40 mg/day for toddlers.

healthy food for toddlers

  • Vitamin D: Is produced by the body and is essential for calcium metabolism. The production of vitamin D depends on the sun exposure. It's essential for normal growth and development. If you live in a non tropical area vitamin D fortified milk is a good choice. Also found in egg yolks, oily fish and fortified foods. Intake should be around 400 IU/day ****IU is for International Units. It is a type of measure used for, among other, fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E****

healthy food for toddlers

  • Calcium: No need to say it's a vital nutrient that should be present in your toddler's diet. It's needed for bones and teeth. Milk is important. It provides calcium and vitamin D which are essential to build strong bones. Calcium is also found in dairy products, brocoli, sweet potato, tofu, fortified orange juice , canned salmon..Calcium intake should be around 500 mg/day for toddlers.

    ***The amount of calcium in low fat milk is the same as in whole milk***

  • Iron: Very important nutrient to make red blood cells. It's the carrier of oxygen in the blood. As your child grows, his blood volume increase too that's why iron intake is important. It should be around 10 to 15 mg/day. It's found in red meat, poultry, beans, sweet potato, spinach, egg yolks, tofu, whole grains, fortified cereal, cream of wheat
  • Zinc: Good for the immune system, for sexual development and reproduction. Intake should be around 10 mg/day. Found in wheat germ, seeds (sunflower, pumpkin), mushroom, meat, seafood

To conclude, if your child is active, growing, developing normally, getting weight and healthy don't worry too much...

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