Can Healthy Eating Guidelines
Really Help You Choose Healthy Food To Eat?

The answer is "yes"!!!

Healthy eating guidelines are easy and are the first step to help you choose healthy foods to eat. Following healthy eating plans is important if you want to give your body the nutrients needed.

I am sure you will agree with me on this...eating is a PLEASURE OF LIFE!

And by making healthy food choices you'll feel good and enjoy life!

Easier said than done?..No..Here are some easy healthy eating guidelines and healthy eating tips to start with.


make sure that you eat a variety of foods from each of the basic food groups every day at every meal. That means eating meat or meat substitutes, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, grains and good fats.

Here Are Some Healthy Eating Guidelines

to help you choose healthy foods to eat from the food groups:

healthy eating guidelines

  • Plan your meals ahead of time so it's going to be easier to make healthy food choices at the grocery store
  • If you are tired of trying to figure out what to make for dinner, weekly dinner ideas can help you with some easy and tasty recipes assembled into weekly menus with shopping lists
  • And why not trying recipes from around the world??
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  • And don't go shopping when you are hungry if you want to avoid buying empty calories foods!
  • At the grocery store, take some time to read the nutrition facts label . Knowing how many calories a product contains, the amount of fat, sodium, carbohydrate, sugar, fiber, vitamins etc...will defenitely help you make healthy food choices
  • And if you can, choose local products: The fresher the better!!

  • healthy eating guidelines

    To avoid waste, knowing how to preserve vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer time is a must!


    watch your serving sizes. We live in a world where large portions are everywhere! Another factor that is influencing our overconsumption of food is our attraction to the foods that contain sugar, salt and fat. They are biologically essentiel. That's why we like them so much. And that's why we tend to overeat.

    A good understanding of how much food is recommended from each group is very important.

    Tips To Help You Reduce Your Portion Size

    • Start by eating a healthy breakfast every day
    • Eat at regular times
    • Eat healthy snack food between meals such as a delicious smoothie
    • In the beginning, put a food guide serving on your fridge's door to help you with the serving sizes of every member of your family
    • Eat fiber, fruits and vegetables at every meals and snacks
    • Use smaller plates, bowls, glasses
    • Eat slowly and enjoy
    • Turn off the TV and your computer
    • Do not pick up food directly from the box
    • Eat with someone

    And remember, you should have more fruits and/or vegetables on your plate than anything else!


    having a healthy diet also means reducing consumption of sugar, sodium, processed food and choosing healthy heart food . And why not choose plenty of immune system foods to eat?!

    Following these healthy eating guidelines will help you meet your needs of vitamins, minerals and others important nutrients. It will not be long before you see some benefits of a healthy eating.

    healthy eating guidelines


    the key of making healthy food choices is to make small changes one at the time. First you can, let's say increase your intake of fruits. Try to concentrate on this objective for a few days. Add small pieces of banana or some blueberries to your morning cereal. Eat an apple and a handful of almonds for your morning snack instead of your usual coffee and muffin.

    Balance your food choices over time!

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