Want Beautiful Hair? Eat Plenty of Foods for Healthy Hair

Diet for healthy hair...you find it strange?

Not that much if I tell you that the nutrients from the food you eat will act throughout the life of your hair ie hair bulb, growth, oxygenation, its strength and its renewal.

However, by making sure you get all the good hair and skin vitamin possible, and by eating foods for healthy hair, you'll have beautiful hair for sure!

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Let's Have A Look At Some Of The Foods For Healthy Hair

  • Brazil nuts: Contain lots of selenium which is an important mineral needed for your scalp's health. Others nuts such as almonds and cashews contain omega 3 and zinc..both very important if you want to have beautiful hair


  • Oysters: Full of zinc an important nutrient for healthy hair and skin
  • Proteins foods sources: Egg, poultry, meat. The proteins are involved in keratinization of the scalp and therefore in the formation of hair. Prevent hair loss, prevent hair from breaking and splitting. Proteins give to your hair more strength. Not enough proteins can result in dry and fine hair and slow growth
  • Salmon or other fatty fish: Full of omega 3 which strenghten and give shine to your hair
  • Vegetables:Particularly green and dark green vegetables which provides calcium and iron
  • Whole grains: Contain B complex vitamins have beneficial effects for your hair

Minerals And Vitamins For Your Hair

  • Copper: Will give you shiny hair and improve its color
  • Iron: Important mineral because it carries oxygen to the hair follicules. A deficiency is marked by the hair thinner than before and a loss of hair
  • Magnesium and zinc: Play an important role in the synthesis and the formation of keratin (Keratin is a protein which is a major component in skin, hair, nails). Prevent hair loss
  • Vitamin A: Promotes healthy scalp. Beta-caroten promotes healthy hair, nails and skin
  • B complex vitamins: Strengthen hair and nails. Good for hair growth (so prevent hair loss)
  • Vitamin C: Good for hair growth

Healthy Hair Tips

  • Avoid sugar and fat
  • Stop smoking
  • Use good hair quality products with no chemical preservatives
  • Use essential oils for hair care

  • Rinse your hair with cold water
  • Shiny hair: apply a hair mask, once a week on your hair roots and oil on the lenght. Cover with cellophane, wait 30 minutes and rinse with apple cider vinegar
  • Have a trim every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Drink plenty of water

If you don't eat well the result will be dull, dry and difficult to comb hair. Remember, dameged hair cannot repair itself but you can get new and healthier hair by plenty of foods for healthy hair!

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