Do You Know The Five Stages Of Sleep???

Did you know that health and sleep are related and that there are five stages of sleep? A lot of things happen in your brain while you sleep. The functions of sleep and its benefits are too important to be ignored.

Sleep Helps You:

  • to have a strong immune system
  • to have a good memory
  • to be patient
  • to better manage stress
  • to be more effective at work or at school
  • with the regeneration of skin cells (and others by the way) occurs during sleep..
You can sleep for a long time but have a bad sleep...

You can sleep a little and have a good sleep...

The most important thing in the quality of sleep is the depth of it...

What Exactly Happens During Sleep?

A night 's sleep usually consists of relatively similar cycles that last on average 1h30 to 2h each and can be repeated 4 to 5 times per night.

Each Cycle Includes These Sleep Stages

  • A period of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which gradually changes from light to deep sleep. Regeneration of the physical body and immune system occurs during this period. The brain activity is low but muscle tone is maintained. Each period of non-REM sleep lasts an average of 1h to 1h30 minutes and has 4 stages
  • A period of REM sleep also called active sleep. This is when you dream

Let's Have A Look At The Five Stages Of Sleep

  • Stage 1, also called "drowsiness". This is the transition between waking and sleeping. It lasts 5 to 10 minutes. You remain sensitive to external stimuli. Your blood pressure, heart rate and respiration slow down
  • Stage 2, also called "light sleep". This happens when sleep is installed. You're less sensitive to external stimuli. Your eyes aren't moving, your muscles are relaxe and your body doesn't move a lot. Approximately half of the night takes place in stage 2
  • Stage 3. With stage 4, one of the most relaxing stage. During this stage, deep sleep starts. Your eyes or body don't move. It will be difficult to wake you up and you'll be confused and grumpy. During this stage, your heart and respiratory rates decrease again
  • Stage 4. Very relaxing stage. You'll experience your deepest sleep and it will be very difficult to wake you up. Bedwetting, nightmares and sleepwalking happen during this stage. Stage 4 represents around 25% of sleep time in young adults but only 5 to 10% among people over 60 years old

five stages of sleep

  • Stage 5, also called REM sleep. During this stage, your muscles are relaxed, brain activity is present and there is a rapid eye movement.

    During this stage you dream a lot!!!even if you don't always remember.

    REM sleep has a positive effect on the psychological and emotional well-being and it contributes to the process of memorization.

    During REM sleep, breathing is irregular and heartbeat accelerates.

    It is also during stage 5 that penis erects and clitoris is enlarged with blood. This is a consequence of muscle relaxation and general relaxation that allow blood to flow in the genitals.

    Stage 5 represents 20 to 25% of the night

These five stages of sleep will be repeated 4 to 5 times per night. Interesting isn't it?

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