If You're Not Taking The Best Fish Oil Supplements
You Might Be Doing Yourself More Harm Than Good

Moderate to high mercury levels in fish is frequent and it isn't the only contaminant present. Fish oil purity is very important if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of fish oil. Best fish oil supplements are ultra-pure. Choose pharmaceutical fish oil to be sure.

best fish oil supplements

No doubt, fish oil capsules are part of a healthy eating. It is very important to take a supplement of high purity if you want to avoid contamination with heavy metals, PCB and other toxins.

Why Fish Oil Supplements Can Be Contaminated?

Because fish pick up:

  • Cadnium which is very toxic
  • Lead which is toxic for children and pregnant women
  • Mercury...mercury levels in fish can be dangerous for you
  • PCB
from their environment and those toxins can lead to serious health problems.

***Mercury is a metal that comes from power plants or even volcanoes. Once in the water mercury is transformed into methylmercury. This form can accumulate in fish. The concentration of methylmercury in fish is highly variable and depends on the contamination, environment, the age of the fish and its position in the food chain. A big and old fish, the shark for example, will contain more mercury toxins. Fish with a shorter life, salmon and sardines for example, will be less contaminated.***

Fish That Eat Other Fish = More Contaminants

As it is difficult and expensive to eat fish every day, and because they mostly contain contaminants, taking a supplement is an excellent idea.

But Which one to choose????

Now that the fish oil health benefits are well known, many products are manufactured....but they all equal?

The answer is no.

Natural products often contain undesirable elements. In a newspaper article I read, the laboratory of a recognized university near my town has examined 50 kinds of supplements made from algae, shark oil, krill from around the world (U.S., Canada, Australia ...). The purpose of this study was to determine the presence or not of contaminants .... and unfortunately the majority of products contained.

These toxins can cause serious health problems. Mercury for instance, can cause brain damage .

The moral of this story is: it's not because a product is called "natural" that it doesn't contain contaminants.

It is better to learn and choose a well known and trusted product.

If You're Not, You Might Be Doing Yourself More Harm Than Good

The Best Fish Oil Supplements Should:

best fish oil supplements

  • Be ultra-pure. Choose a purified fish oil
  • Indicate DHA and EPA levels
  • Not contain additives, artificial coloring or flavoring, preservatives. Read the label!
  • Be produced with the highest standars in mind...i.e. pharmaceutical fish oil
  • A daily dose should provide at least 1 gram of EPA and DHA
  • Not leave an aftertaste of fish. This is the main reason why people are not taking fish oil..
  • If possible choose a product that contains vitamin D because most people lack this essential vitamin
  • Contain a mixture of natural tocopherols (vitamin E) which preserves the quality of the product during storage and reduces oxidation of fatty acids

The product I am taking is manufactured in advanced facilities. The contaminants are removed by a double molecular distillation process. This process removes heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides and organic residues. Also, lemon oil is added to avoid aftertaste of fish. I take one of the best fish oil supplements ... and you?

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