Do You Really Know
The Benefits of Sleep?

benefits of sleep

How to sleep better? This is a good question. Knowing all the benefits of sleep and the importance of sleep is primordial. There are some tips, including natural sleep aids, to help you sleep better and feel rested when you wake up in the morning. But before...

Do you know that you spend a third of your live asleep and that sleep is essential to your well-being? Of course you do.

Today everything goes fast and we don't take the time to sleep. When we go to bed, often after stimulating activities such as sports, watching tv or working on the cumputer, we expect to fall asleep in 5 minutes and almost every morning we're awakened by the "buzz" of the alarm clock!

We no longer allow our bodies to get in preparation for sleep or wake up. Before, people had no curtains, no light (only candles), no tv....their bodies were put in preparation for sleep or awakening following the outside intensity of light.

Melatonin, also called the "sleep hormone" is a biological signal of darkness. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland also called "epiphysis" and is located near the brain. The secretion of melatonin is reduced during the day and stimulated during the night, peaking in the middle of the night. Through melatonin, the pineal gland informs the brain about the duration of the hours of light and darkness for a daily cycle of 24 hours.

So What Is A Good Sleep??

  • 7 to 8 hours of sleep
  • You wake up "fresh"
  • You don't feel tired during the day
Is it possible...I hope so...

While You Sleep Your Body (including your skin)...

regenerates, repairs itself, grows and releases the overflow of emotions. These are the main functions of sleep.

benefits of sleep

And What Are The Benefits Of Sleep?

  • Damages to cells are repaired
  • Regenerates your skin
  • Renewal of bones is done while you sleep
  • Facilitates the resolution of problems
  • Removes bad thoughts
  • Promotes memorization
  • promotes the activation of the immune system
  • Eliminates stress
  • Helps children to grow. Growth hormones are released during sleep

As foods and exercises, health and sleep are related. Lack of sleep can affect your health and it can be serious.

There are many physical effects of sleep deprivation, many sleep disorders. It's important to understand what is insomnia, apnea, the restless legs syndroms and what can be the causes of extreme fatigue.

It is also interesting to know the stages of sleep to understand what happens when you sleep and to know how melatonin and sleep are related.

Over the counter sleep aids can help you for a short period of time


A good bedtime routine, some foods and natural remedies can help you to sleep better...give it a try...because the benefits of sleep are too important to be ignored!!!

And why not have a power nap???

And Remember,

  • Sleep needs are different for each and everyone of us
  • 30 minutes of exercises/day (not before going to bed!!) provides a deeper sleep
  • Ventilation of your room allows the good oxygenation of the brain
  • The first hours of sleep are the most beneficial for the regeneration of your body
  • The last hours of sleep are the most beneficial on a psychological level
  • To sleep in the dark promotes the secretion of melatonin
  • And exposure to natural light during the day will synchronize your biological clock


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