Anti Aging Skin Care Tips...Because You Want To Age With Beauty Don't You?

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How to get healthy skin, glowing skin and keep it when the years start to add up? Simply follow these easy anti aging skin care tips and you'll have a glowing skin no matter how old you are.

Taking care of yourself and specifically of your skin is very important because the skin is the largest and one of the most important organ of the human body.

It represents approximately 15% of the body weight.

The skin is also the only organ that is both external and internal and composed of billions of cells.

What Are The Functions Of The Skin

Your skin preserves body fluids, protects your body against infections, serves as a shield against solar radiation, controls your body's temperature and contains nerve endings which allow you to be sensitive to the touch, pressure, heat, cold and pain.

Every minute your skin eliminates an average of 40 000 dead cells which will be found in the form of dust in your house...I know it's better not to think about that...each dead cell will be replaced within a month.

With age, there is an imbalance between cell growth and elimination of dead cells. Around 30 years old, your skin starts to lose its elasticity.This is part of the normal aging process.

It is possible, knowing all these facts about the skin, to have a radiant skin. Follow some easy anti aging skin care tips and tips for a healthy skin and you'll have flawless skin at any age!

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips Include:

  • Cleanse your skin daily. It's very important. Choose a formula that contains no soap because it removes all oils and changes the ph of the skin. Choose a cleaner that doesn't contain any preservatives(more on this to come) or dyes. I personnally use the Usana's Sensé and Splash products. They aren't only cosmetic products, they nourish the skin...very important because what you use today will affect your skin tomorrow!
  • Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis and use a non abrasive product (I personally use the rice bran polisher from Sensé, Usana). A non abrasive product will gently exfoliates the dead skin cells
  • You'll get better result if you stick with one skin care system because products are designed to work together
  • Choose the right foods for healthy skin because you are what you eat!
  • Nutrients for skin are also important and there are specific vitamins for skin
  • Sensitive Skincare....treat your skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis and so on, the most safe and natural way possible
  • Do not smoke. Smoking is a cause of premature skin aging. Tobacco also reduced the blood flow in the capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels. The transportation of oxygen and nutrients is reduced and because of that the renewal of skin cells is also reduced and wrinkles appear

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It Is Also Very Important To:

A beautiful skin begins with a regular cleaning and moisturizing...and don't forget...the skin of the whole body needs to be pampered whether the skin of a baby, a young child or an older person. Follow these anti aging skin care tips and your skin will be radiant and you'll look healthy.

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