Want To Be Healthy?
Start With A Healthy Eating Diet...

Being healthy is one of the most precious gift of all. Preventing illness can be possible,..


.., if you follow some easy healthy eating and living tips and if you choose healthy foods to eat.

Hello and welcome to Healthy-Eating-And-Living-Tips.com!!

My name is Pascale and I dedicated this website to help you being healthy.

I agree with you, in today's fast world, where processed foods are everywhere, it is easy not to have an healthy eating diet. But the food we choose to eat is important to our health, as our way of life.

Let's be honest, we eat too much, do not always make healthy food choices and these poor eating habits may deteriorate our health in the long run.

Eating well, having a active living can be easier than you think (I can tell because I had to learn too and still is). It can help reduce cold symptoms or other minor illnesses and prevent chronic diseases that are not linked to the fact we age but rather the result of our bad habits, especially our poor diet.

Long before my birth and yours, Hippocrates, the father of medecine, said that diet, environmental factors and lifestyle were the sources of disease.


  • Start your day with a healthy
  • Eat lots of fruits,vegetables,whole grains
  • Learn to read nutrition labels to make good food choices
  • Drink plenty of water to be well hydrated
  • Take quality nutritional vitamin supplements
  • Take good bacteria to boost your immune system
  • Have a low GI diet
  • Reduce consumption of sugar and use sugar substitutes
  • Limit your cafeine intake
  • Cook healthy food for your kids
  • Make good food choices to have healthy skin
  • Do moderate exercise regularly
  • Learn to cope with stress that can cause many health problems
  • Sleep well
  • Quit smoking
  • Learn to manage weight
  • Have good relations with others
  • Choose the most possible natural health remedies, homemade remedies
  • Take some time for yourself!


OK, now where to begin??

Make small changes one at the time. Follow some easy healthy eating and living tips and you will achieve your objectives. It worked for me!

Helping people is what I like and I am confident that this website will help you by giving you good advices.

I believe that taking care of our health and of our children's, is the best thing we can do.

Good luck!

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